Just One…

It takes just one…

Just one…

teacher can make or break a child’s love of learning and consequently, their life’s prospects. I had that one who helped me make the right decisions.

Just one…

child can completely destroy a minutely planned lesson where you know that the children are going to really enjoy themselves and get enthused. But just one deep breath can bring you back and help you find out how to help that child have the same experience that you want the rest of the class to have.

Just one…

child can completely turn your day / week / month around when they ‘get it.’ When that light bulb turns on and they have overcome that obstacle to their learning and another door has been opened.

Just one…

parent can make you feel so angry that you wonder why you bother! Just one parent can make you feel inspired because of the difference you have made to their child and, consequently, to their family.

Just one…

teacher can bring the rest of the staff down and suck the life out of a team. Just one teacher can inspire confidence and desire to do better by their leadership and passion for change.

Just one…

tweet is all it took to get a Northern Ireland community of teachers in #niedchat and #tmbelfast together to see if they could make a difference. It has been wonderful to meet such inspiring and enthusiastic people and I feel very privileged to be in their company when they get together to plan the way forward for collaboration, cooperation and communication amongst our teaching community.

How many other jobs would inspire the workers to take time out of their own family lives to get together and try to make things better for people that they have never met? Just because they want to make a difference to the lives of children that they will never teach.

As we gathered last evening for a ‘social’ evening, it was amazing to watch how a group of people who have maybe met three times – and some who have never met before – just ‘click’ and want to be part of something different. Yes, it was a night out but it was a night out completely dominated by chat about how to bring about change. It was a brain storming session of the highest order and seeing the enthusiasm in people who believe that they can do something different and better was inspiring!

I tip my metaphorical hat to you all and acknowledge your drive, your inspiration, your enthusiasm and your self-belief and am proud to know you!

If just one teacher in each school was to attend a TeachMeet of any description, think of the difference it could make!


2 thoughts on “Just One…

  1. Very inspiring post Barry!
    ‘Just one…’ history is full of individuals who dared to believe they could make a difference. Lately I’ve been pondering, ‘If not me, then who? If not now, then when?’ Taking on the role of I.C.T. coordinator terrifies me but… it’s time to take a risk and begin the journey now.

  2. Just one chance to become part of TM Belfast creates a network of support, an endless supply of enthusiasm and CPD online, anytime. Just one chance to become a presenter brings acknowledgement of ideas, courage of voice and the knowledge that forward-thinking in teaching and learning is out there, is real, is happening, is supported, is now. Thanks, TeachMeet and its organisers for one amazing experience after another.

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