Tim Rylands – Back to Their Future

WP_20130202_005I had the absolute joy of seeing another presentation and being entertained by the wonderfully talented and mercurial Tim Rylands this morning at BETT.

I have written about Tim before on this blog and his visionary approach to education through the use of technology. What I love about his work is that he puts the learning at the heart of everything he speaks about. Yes, it might be flashy and immersive but it is always educational – in his own unique and twisted way!

Tim held the BETT Arena in the palm of his hand this morning as he enthralled us, entertained us, surprised us and shared the joy of watching two dancing robots with us (don’t ask!).

Watching Tim Rylands speak is the best therapy any teacher could hope for. Knowing that there are people with that energy, insight, drive, motivation and passion wrapped up that humble, self-deprecating package is truly inspiring. It gives those of us who are exhausted fighting the system the shot in the arm we need from time to time. Who needs Red Bull?

It was the message that was threaded through his presentation today that was the most joyous to hear! By not embracing this technology and using it to benefit the LEARNING of the children, then we are doing them an injustice. However, it has to be beneficial! It has to be worthwhile and it has to make a difference – otherwise it is a shiny distraction! He was all about the teacher being the visionary and taking the kids with on a journey of discovery and challenge. Discovering their (and our) hidden talents and challenging our expectations of what children can do.

Tim used one comment in the show that resonated with me and was probably the single most important thing I heard in my time in BETT this year. It was almost a throw away and it seemed to get lost in the maelstrom of activity and joy on the stage. It was a simple quote but I’m still thinking about it:

‘If an answer can be Googled, then the question wasn’t good enough’

Find out more about Tim at www.timrylands.com and if you are not following him on Twitter @timrylands, ask yourself why not? People like him are few and far between.


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