TeachMeet BETT2013 – I am amazing; You are amazing; We are amazing…YEAH!

ImageHaving been involved with the launch of TeachMeet Belfast and its forthcoming partner TeachMeet Northwest, I relished the opportunity to go to the Granddaddy of them all – TeachMeet BETT – and what a joy it was!

What struck me first was the hum of excitement that permeated the arena. It was good to be a participant this time – sitting back and letting others do the hard work – and to be witness to some of the innovative and excellent practice that is going on in schools around the world. What was fantastic about Friday evening was that there were speakers from around Europe chosen by the Random Name Generator, not just from within the UK. This added a fantastic dimension to the evening.

The layout of the round tables produced a great sharing environment and gave everyone the chance to talk to each other, put faces to Twitter names and, generally, have a good time with the free bar that was provided.

It is difficult to pick out any one speaker in particular as they were all great, charming, funny, enthusiastic and passionate about education in their own way, however, I am already enthused about designing ClipArt in MSPublisher / PowerPoint thanks to Bev Evans and can’t wait to ‘Bring A Teacher To Twitter Week’ that is coming soon!

There was also the Visual Minutes board that was generated during the evening’s proceedingsImage that was a truly remarkable piece of art! If anyone has watched Sir Ken Robinson’s RSA talk about Education Paradigms, then you will get the idea. These guys were a truly talented bunch!

Finally, though, it was knowing that Northern Ireland had now joined this sharing forum in its own way that is fresh and exciting for the teachers, that made the evening for me. With the work of the TeachMeet team in Northern Ireland, I think we can continue to spread the message that there is excellent, innovative and inspiring practice happening in our schools and that we are breaking down the barriers to progress.

Thanks to all involved in the TeachMeet BETT experience – Mind-blowing!

If you haven’t signed up for TeachMeet NorthWest yet – you really should!


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