Day I

Well, I have to say that the first day went much more smoothly than I anticipated.
By all accounts, people seemed impressed by the new system and what it has to offer initially. The layout is simple and pleasing to the eye.
Not everyone had access to everything – sine spent time having to look (seriously, that hard to find ActivInspire?!?). Only a niggle but it did throw up one interesting aspect that neither C2k or Capita can legislate for…

Teacher time!

I wonder if it would not have been wide to build ICT coordinator day one support time into the budget? That way, I could have been going around the classes to be on hand to help with the first views.
By being in class, I wasn’t available until the end of the day at a staff meeting to run through some of the basics with staff.

Definitely think this would be of benefit to others.

Biggest surprise? PaperCut software that visually counts down printing credits!

So it is working. Again, however, I have to credit the install team with the effort put in to ensuring it was fit for purpose. The more I explore, however, the more I will probably uncover.

Stay tune


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