Going, Going, Gone…

Sleepwalking into it…

paperless-1It sort of crept up on me… then there was the dawning realisation that it had actually happened – that inevitable feeling that there was no going back and no idea how I was going to cope.

A paperless work environment wasn’t something I had actually wanted or strived for. There were too many ideas that needed sorting / written down. There were observations that needed to be completed and reflected on. There were too many documents that required printing, studied and dissected. There was the planning – daily / weekly / half-termly / termly… all needing to be written down and handed on. As well as that there was also the preparations for the Parent-Teacher Meetings and reporting on the NINA and NILA assessments.

Then, just at half-term I realised that I had gone through the first 8 weeks having done all this without resorting to a paper copy of anything of the above (except for the copy of the results for the parents – which, even then,  I had contemplated emailing).


Waking up

onedriveIt never occurred to me that I might be able to do this in the C2k environment and it does speak volumes about all the positives in the new provision in that it has essentially contributed to this change happening.

The biggest change in this has been the ability to access cloud storage – namely One Drive – where I store all my documents now. This has meant that I am able to access my teaching planners on my school computer without having to print them out to annotate on them. I have them permanently open on my desktop and can annotate and change as much as I want.

As well as this, it has been the ability to use my own Surface RT device in tandem withMicrosoft_Surface_RT-e1360270484638 this setup. I can have that up-to-date planning at my fingertips anywhere I go in school and am not now tied to the desktop / laptop to do all this. Evaluations of lessons and notes for children’s progress can be completed on the ‘fly’ in the knowledge that there is seamless syncing between devices on OneDrive. The Surface RT is the first thing opened on the desk in the morning to help me through the day!

For my coordinators and principal, instead of handing in reams of notes – it is now a link in an email where they can access all this planning and work with it, accordingly. It will be interesting to see if other teachers start taking this approach. Personally, I feel that it is making my planning much more meaningful – with the updates or changes easily made without too much fuss. Changes are highlighted there and then and can be acted upon on the same device.

However, the biggest single change in this has been the use of OneNote to support all of this in the classroom.


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