How to…

I will be adding different tutorials in here to help you along the way – some more detailed than others!

Starter for 10:

Did you know that you can save ActivPrimary pages as .pdf documents? A great way to post up your class work for the children to access from home via the school website or VLE!

Bonus Points!
Have you thought about using your mobile, tethered by Bluetooth to your laptop for conferences? Take a photo of a slide and import directly into OneNote!

Also, how about asking parents to turn their mobiles ON at a curriculum meeting and send the presentation to them via their bluetooth? There may be one or two who might be able to take adavantage of such an approach…

#ukedchat is a great follow on Twitter for some good CPD. Each Thursday there is also a good discussion hosted by and contributed to by some of the most forward thinking teachers in the country.

Bonus Round – Flip Cam

The FlipCam is an excellent resource for the classroom – cheap, easy and reliable. However, the native save file doesn’t work with Windows MovieMaker in C2K. However, choose the ‘export’ option for the files on the camera and it creates a windows MovieMaker friendly WMA file in your My Videos folder in My Documents. This can then be ‘imported’ into MovieMaker and edited / played with accordingly! (Images to follow)


One thought on “How to…

  1. ‘Having attended an excellent launch of an online programme to prepare schools to apply for the Becta ICT mark today, I was impressed by our board officer’s praise of the LearningNI (LNI) Virtual Learning Environment.’

    Hi Barry, Heard you speak at the ICT conference in Belfast! Loved your enthusiasm and ideas! Just wondering about the online program you mentioned above for helping schools prepare for the Becta ICT mark? We’re starting work on it next term and would appreciate any direction.
    Many thanks.

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